Personal benefits

Creating a good first impression is critical. Maintaining it is equally important. In a fast-paced world in which the average “job” lasts less than 1 ˝ years, you can send a positive message to your current employer, or potential future employers, by taking a personal initiative to improve your appearance, your communication skills, your understanding and ability to relate to people of diverse personalities, as well as your personal hygiene, health, grooming, and etiquette.

A staff benefit

When an employer sets up a program for staff, it conveys a very positive message as to how employees are valued. A program that produces happier, healthier employees with a higher sense of self-worth, self-confidence and loyalty is a very wise investment.

An employer benefit

This is an efficient vehicle to achieve corporate goals:

  • better understanding of standards for dress and deportment; opportunity to introduce standards where none existed, or reinstate standards that have “slipped”
  • better health and attendance
  • better understanding among staff, improved communication and working relationships.

An economical approach to mutual benefits

Costs involved at either the corporate or personal level are self-liquidating:

  • improved employee morale and performance lead directly to an improved bottom line
  • improved image, confidence, well-being, credibility and professionalism increase the individual’s potential for greater success, both on the job and socially.